Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 5 Tips From Yesterday
Mickslays laid Towering at 2.88. (Taun 15:50)
Mickslays laid Custard The Dragon at 3.75. (Sthl 15:10)
Ibp-L-001 laid My Story at 5. (Taun 17:20)
Ibp-L-001 laid Wentworth Falls at 16.47. (Sthl 15:40)
Ibp-L-001 laid Justice Knight at 95.59. (Taun 17:20)
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Top 7 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
A1 Racing Tips made 30.74pts profit from 27 bets.
Becks Racing made 18.18pts profit from 39 bets.
Sod The Obstacles made 6.91pts profit from 2 bets.
Rocko's Runners made 3.87pts profit from 6 bets.
Any Place Is Better made 1.58pts profit from 1 bets.
The Winning Wine made 0.61pts profit from 6 bets.
Ibp-L-001 made 0.31pts profit from 3 bets.