Wednesday, 29th July 2015
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 14 Tips From Yesterday
Mister G laid Valac at 2.3. (Gal 19:20)
Ezzie laid Crombay at 2.39. (Bev 15:20)
Mister G laid Simannka at 2.7. (Gal 18:15)
Powerplace place laid British Embassy at 3.3. (Wolv 14:20)
Francesco laid Uncle Tone at 3.85. (Worc 19:05)
Powerplace laid Popping Along at 3.9. (Worc 19:05)
Powerplace laid Livella Fella at 3.98. (Wolv 13:50)
Snoozy laid Engai at 4.1. (Bev 17:40)
Powerplace laid Cousin Guillaume at 4.39. (Worc 20:35)
Francesco laid Birchwood at 4.64. (Good 14:35)
Powerplace place laid Al Musheer at 6.6. (Wolv 15:30)
Powerplace laid Tupi at 7.8. (Good 15:10)
Powerplace laid Aza Run at 11. (Worc 19:35)
Powerplace laid Try Catch Me at 32. (Worc 19:05)
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Top 20 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Jonnoi Racing made 13.66pts profit from 34 bets.
Mcdalton made 12.65pts profit from 1 bets.
Durant made 11.65pts profit from 2 bets.
Follow The Trends made 10.90pts profit from 34 bets.
Spikey made 9.65pts profit from 4 bets.
Demarco made 9.65pts profit from 4 bets.
Frank Nicholls made 8.85pts profit from 40 bets.
Tonyb Racing made 5.80pts profit from 33 bets.
Sod The Flat Odds made 5.26pts profit from 4 bets.
Dazsler made 4.28pts profit from 2 bets.
Horvath made 3.94pts profit from 2 bets.
Multiplex made 3.28pts profit from 34 bets.
Chads Picks Jumps made 3.04pts profit from 1 bets.
Purcher made 2.51pts profit from 5 bets.
Baltaev made 2.29pts profit from 1 bets.
Hayse made 2.29pts profit from 1 bets.
Volland made 2.29pts profit from 1 bets.
Roosey made 2.29pts profit from 1 bets.
Buster Douglas made 2.18pts profit from 1 bets.
Harriet made 2.00pts profit from 1 bets.