Thursday, 26th April 2018
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 20 Tips From Yesterday
Backs laid Caspar The Cub at 1.7. (Ling 18:25)
Backs laid Newtown Boy at 2.12. (Taun 20:10)
Backs laid King Of The Sand at 2.42. (Epsm 16:25)
Backs laid Coiste Bodhar at 2.87. (Catt 13:50)
Backs laid Longhousesignora at 2.87. (Perth 14:00)
Backs laid Nando at 2.88. (Perth 13:30)
Backs laid Scorpion Sid at 3.07. (Perth 14:35)
Backs laid Dee Ex Bee at 3.11. (Epsm 14:45)
Backs laid The Jam Man at 3.26. (Perth 15:45)
Backs laid Holiday Magic at 3.7. (Ling 18:55)
Backs laid La Fortuna at 4.2. (Catt 13:50)
Backs laid Some Are Lucky at 4.35. (Perth 16:15)
Backs laid The Golden Cue at 4.49. (Catt 16:35)
Backs laid Lubatic at 4.5. (Taun 18:45)
Backs laid Shanroe Street at 4.51. (Perth 16:15)
Backs laid Royal Act at 4.71. (Taun 18:15)
Backs laid Christopher Wood at 4.77. (Epsm 17:00)
Backs laid Zig Zag at 5.25. (Catt 15:30)
Backs laid Shabeeb at 5.53. (Epsm 15:20)
Backs laid Astraea at 5.59. (Catt 14:25)
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Top 9 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Frank Nicholls made 75.40pts profit from 31 bets.
Only Maidens made 72.28pts profit from 33 bets.
Line Fisher made 4.89pts profit from 2 bets.
Sod The Obstacles made 3.13pts profit from 1 bets.
The Back Runners made 3.09pts profit from 19 bets.
Fishing Trawler made 1.72pts profit from 7 bets.
Sharkie made 0.63pts profit from 4 bets.
Speedrated made 0.52pts profit from 2 bets.
Form Book Racing Lays made 0.20pts profit from 1 bets.