Sunday, 25th February 2018
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 6 Tips From Yesterday
Bet2lay laid Carouse at 4.46. (Ling 13:30)
Bet2lay laid Pivotal Flame at 5.02. (Ling 17:00)
Bet2lay laid Tomily at 10.82. (Ling 14:05)
Bet2lay laid Thaqaffa at 11. (Ling 16:25)
Bet2lay laid Pastime at 11.07. (Ling 15:50)
Bet2lay laid Mr Owen at 12. (Ling 15:15)
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Top 9 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Bet2bob made 20.44pts profit from 5 bets.
Frank Nicholls made 11.00pts profit from 17 bets.
Big Money Bet Tips made 5.66pts profit from 7 bets.
Net Fisher made 3.37pts profit from 5 bets.
Sod The Flat Odds made 2.66pts profit from 5 bets.
The Back Runners made 2.45pts profit from 17 bets.
Bet2lay made 0.88pts profit from 6 bets.
Only Maidens made 0.23pts profit from 7 bets.
Fishing Trawler made 0.08pts profit from 11 bets.