Wednesday, 2nd September 2015
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 12 Tips From Yesterday
Tangradi laid Bobby Wheeler at 2.43. (Good 15:45)
Speedrated laid Sword Of The Lord at 2.72. (Good 17:25)
Mickslays laid Denham Sound at 2.83. (Good 14:10)
Norfolkboys laid Live Dangerously at 3.65. (Epsm 15:35)
Bookielays laid Tilstarr at 4. (Good 17:25)
Bookielays laid The Carbonator at 4.2. (Ham 16:30)
Bookielays laid Artistic Flight at 7.6. (Epsm 16:40)
*tipster Boy* laid Virginia Celeste at 8.6. (Epsm 16:10)
Snoozy laid First To Post at 10.13. (Ham 17:05)
Mcgehee laid First To Post at 10.13. (Ham 17:05)
*tipster Boy* laid Arlecchinos Leap at 10.74. (Epsm 15:35)
Bookielays laid White Flag at 16.27. (Ham 17:35)
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Top 20 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Tonyb Racing made 19.23pts profit from 18 bets.
Ark Six made 9.26pts profit from 3 bets.
Menossi made 7.02pts profit from 3 bets.
Kody made 5.51pts profit from 1 bets.
Robkin made 5.49pts profit from 1 bets.
Jonnoi Racing made 4.91pts profit from 20 bets.
Tobio made 4.75pts profit from 1 bets.
Volland made 3.82pts profit from 1 bets.
Ace Tips made 3.81pts profit from 9 bets.
Follow The Trends made 2.90pts profit from 28 bets.
Nickjim Tips made 1.95pts profit from 3 bets.
Diandy made 1.80pts profit from 3 bets.
Racing Away made 1.67pts profit from 27 bets.
Pasquini made 1.66pts profit from 1 bets.
Rolland made 1.66pts profit from 1 bets.
Keithy made 1.60pts profit from 2 bets.
Norburn made 1.40pts profit from 1 bets.
Cernola made 1.40pts profit from 1 bets.
Yendall made 1.23pts profit from 1 bets.
Sbraz made 0.97pts profit from 1 bets.