Wednesday, 22nd April 2015
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 19 Tips From Yesterday
Mister G laid Haines at 1.86. (Wolv 17:55)
Francesco laid Dushrembrandt at 1.96. (Wex 16:30)
Ghinsari laid Wickhambrook at 2.35. (Wolv 20:35)
Brainbox laid Bowberry at 2.49. (Wolv 19:00)
Danning laid Bowberry at 2.49. (Wolv 19:00)
Mickslays laid Lus Buddy at 2.73. (Brig 17:45)
Peralta laid Free of Charge at 2.83. (Extr 14:30)
Snoozy laid Mime Dance at 2.88. (Brig 18:45)
Francesco laid Neverownup at 2.91. (Ludl 16:15)
Snoozy laid Elizona at 3.35. (Kemp 16:25)
Francesco laid Charlies Oscar at 3.55. (Ludl 16:45)
Snoozy laid Ellaway Rose at 3.65. (Wex 17:00)
Mcgehee laid Akorakor at 4.15. (Wex 15:25)
Mcgehee laid Miss Dinamic at 4.2. (Wex 17:30)
Cloud1211 laid Olympic Charm at 4.77. (Wolv 20:05)
Mickslays laid Saskias Dream at 5.57. (Brig 19:20)
Cloud1211 laid Pink Ribbon at 7.28. (Kemp 15:20)
Cloud1211 laid Kudu Shine at 8.8. (Extr 14:30)
Churko laid Quadriga at 10.01. (Kemp 15:55)
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Top 20 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Phillippe Racing made 68.45pts profit from 38 bets.
Logicaster made 54.01pts profit from 33 bets.
Frank Nicholls made 16.65pts profit from 42 bets.
Multiplex made 9.85pts profit from 21 bets.
Vrun made 8.81pts profit from 21 bets.
Hector made 7.18pts profit from 7 bets.
Rowdylegend made 6.77pts profit from 3 bets.
Dwany Racing made 6.27pts profit from 39 bets.
Robkin made 5.70pts profit from 1 bets.
Punterboy Places made 5.31pts profit from 2 bets.
Vertigo made 3.65pts profit from 5 bets.
Mytton made 2.13pts profit from 2 bets.
Bajter made 1.85pts profit from 2 bets.
Franki made 1.85pts profit from 2 bets.
Maxted made 1.29pts profit from 1 bets.
Evolution Racing made 0.94pts profit from 3 bets.
Sbraz made 0.87pts profit from 1 bets.
Francesco made 0.86pts profit from 4 bets.
Ade made 0.85pts profit from 3 bets.
Follow The Trends made 0.83pts profit from 7 bets.