Sunday, 28th May 2017
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 4 Tips From Yesterday
Mickslays laid Billesdon Brook at 2.54. (Good 14:35)
Mickslays laid Gravity Flow at 3.03. (Hayd 16:35)
Mickslays laid Firmament at 3.16. (York 14:10)
Mickslays laid Horroob at 4.9. (Good 15:10)
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Top 11 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Dwany Racing made 72.10pts profit from 98 bets.
Whipster12 made 17.22pts profit from 18 bets.
Phillippe Racing made 7.62pts profit from 86 bets.
Ace Tips made 5.89pts profit from 26 bets.
Roller Coaster Racing made 3.44pts profit from 5 bets.
Pot Of Gold Racing Dutches made 2.73pts profit from 9 bets.
Mickslays made 1.77pts profit from 4 bets.
Sharkie made 1.18pts profit from 6 bets.
Big Money Bet Tips made 0.98pts profit from 12 bets.
Laughable Lays made 0.28pts profit from 5 bets.
Sod The Flat Odds made 0.04pts profit from 4 bets.