Wednesday, 29th June 2016
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Horse Racing Tipster  Yesterdays Best Lays
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Top 14 Tips From Yesterday
Ibp-L-001 laid Cause And Effect at 1.77. (Chep 19:10)
Ibp-L-001 laid Play The Ace at 2.23. (Strat 18:50)
Cloud1211 laid Line Of Reason at 2.43. (Ham 15:30)
Cloud1211 laid Jocks Wa Hae at 3.15. (Ham 14:30)
Ibp-L-001 laid Specific Gravity at 3.5. (Sligo 18:00)
Cloud1211 laid Solveigs Song at 3.61. (Brig 15:45)
Mickslays laid Palisade at 3.8. (Brig 16:15)
Ibp-L-001 laid Centerville at 3.97. (Sligo 21:00)
Cloud1211 laid Titus Secret at 4.1. (Brig 14:15)
Ibp-L-001 laid Deshan at 4.9. (Strat 20:50)
Ibp-L-001 laid Claymore at 5.64. (Brig 17:15)
Ibp-L-001 laid Bloodsweatandtears at 7.54. (Brig 16:45)
Ibp-L-001 laid Walden Prince at 9.41. (Strat 19:50)
Ibp-L-001 laid Patience A Plenty at 14. (Sligo 19:30)
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Top 18 Horse Racing Tipsters From Yesterday
Azracing made 55.06pts profit from 5 bets.
Blueintheface made 34.88pts profit from 16 bets.
Rowdylegend made 9.45pts profit from 2 bets.
Only Maidens made 8.90pts profit from 10 bets.
William. E. made 7.03pts profit from 2 bets.
Booming Fantastic Jules made 6.32pts profit from 23 bets.
Racing Away made 3.86pts profit from 7 bets.
Volcano made 2.75pts profit from 3 bets.
Ibp-L-001 made 2.49pts profit from 10 bets.
Sod The Flat Odds made 2.41pts profit from 6 bets.
Cloud1211 made 1.78pts profit from 4 bets.
Chocolateonsundays made 1.65pts profit from 6 bets.
Any Place Is Better made 1.37pts profit from 4 bets.
Papaleo made 0.77pts profit from 2 bets.
Ace Tips made 0.75pts profit from 5 bets.
Ez Racing made 0.68pts profit from 6 bets.
Mickslays made 0.34pts profit from 1 bets.
Fiona Ensor made 0.27pts profit from 2 bets.