Monday, 19th March 2018
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Horse Racing Tipster  Statistics for 1 Runner
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Start Date: Sunday, October 1st 2017

Subscribers: 0

User Rating:     0.0

Level Stakes Ranking: 11

Recommended Stakes Ranking: 10

Profitable Months: 4 / 6 (66.67%)

Longest Losing Streak: 21 (ended 7th March 2018)

Longest Winning Streak: 4 (ended 26th October 2017)
Elite Tipster Elite Tipster

Awards: 3

Tipster Of The Month:
   Tipster of the Month Gold 1st:  0
   Tipster of the Month Silver 2nd: 0
   Tipster of the Month Bronze 3rd:  0

Tipster Of The Week:
   Tipster of the Week Gold 1st:  0
   Tipster of the Week Silver 2nd: 1
   Tipster of the Week Bronze 3rd:  2