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Horse Racing Tipster  Reviews for R Vaughan
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The Tipster Reviews Page allows subscribers of a service to give a rating for the service they have recieved. This should not concentrate on the profit made but the peripheral aspects of the service such as the responsiveness to correspondance, the quality and content of the tips messages and blogs.
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Kevin PoorePunter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0January 6th 2008
I have tried several other tipsters from the TipExchange but R Vaughan is the only one to constantly provide realistic profit over the long term (place tipsters profits unrealistic due to frequent low volume on Betfair place markets). Started placing bets on 6/1/07 and in 2007 made 346 points taking early prices compared to the official 55.9 pts at SP. Having no connection with R Vaughan I would not hesitate in highly recommending this value for money service.
Scott SpencerPunter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0July 21st 2008
R Vaughan provides an A1 all round service. His tips are excellent and it is very sensible to follow his advice and seek out the best early prices and the bookmakers offering 'guaranteed odds'. His approach is long term, something I personally think is key and his customer service is excellent. Definite 5 star service :)
Bob RoperPunter Rating 3.0 Punter Rating 3.0 Punter Rating 3.0November 30th 2008
R.Vaughan tries really hard and obviously enjoys his racing! I think he should try to be more selective and grade his advices accordingly, in stead of putting out so many selections.
Paul WilsonPunter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0 Punter Rating 5.0December 18th 2008
RE: Last Review, I've subscribed to R Vaughan for a while now. Horses for courses to coin a phrase. With a set, disciplined bank and taking early prices you will make a good 250+ points a year following his advice to the letter, sure he could limit the selections but I believe he does provide a seperate service that does that. Yes it's a roller coaster but you'll end the ride with a smile and in profit. I feel I owe him this review but I'll be more than happy if you don't sign up cos you'll affect my returns if you do!
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