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Horse Racing Tipster  R Vaughan Results
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The results are complete and accurate and are updated every day. The first page displays a monthly summary for the current year. Click on the month to see a breakdown of each bet placed by the Tipster. For previous years, click on the year to see a summary of the months for that year. You can then click on each month for that year to see each individual tip placed by the Tipster.

March 2012 Recommended Stakes Results (View level stakesUp

Date Time Course Bet Horse Odds Res Profit Total
1st14:10TaunEW 1ptAmerican Cricket10/3Place-0.33-0.33
1st14:10TaunBack 1ptAmerican Cricket4.53Lost-1.00-1.33
1st14:30LudlBack 1ptDark Shadow2.27Won1.21-0.12
1st14:50SthlBack 1ptFirst Bid2.68Lost-1.00-1.12
1st14:55ThurEW 2ptsMayo Mystique11/4Place-0.90-2.02
1st15:50SthlBack 1ptLadydolly4.65Won3.471.44
1st16:25ThurEW 2ptsBold Banks9/4Lost-4.00-2.56
1st17:25ThurBack 1ptDantes Firth3.85Won2.710.15
1st17:25ThurEW 1ptDantes Firth5/2Won3.003.15
1st17:30LudlEW 1ptCourt Minstrel15/8Place-0.532.62
2nd13:50NewbEW 1ptMahayogin8/1Lost-2.000.62
2nd14:00DoncEW 1ptNetherby7/4Place-0.560.06
2nd14:10LingEW 1ptHierarch5/2Lost-2.00-1.94
2nd14:20NewbEW 1ptBallygarvey9/1Lost-2.00-3.94
2nd14:30DoncBack 1ptMistoffelees7.4Won6.082.14
2nd19:10WolvBack 1ptSunley Pride1.86Lost-1.001.14
2nd19:50DundBack 1ptDuff9.16Lost-1.000.14
2nd20:50DundEW 1ptJacksonslady9/4Place-0.55-0.41
3rd13:55KelsEW 1ptMakbullet4/1Won4.804.39
3rd15:20LingEW 1ptDevote Myself9/4Place-0.553.84
3rd16:45KelsEW 1ptSpellchecker3/1Lost-2.001.84
4th14:00LeopEW 1ptSheer Genius6/1Won7.209.04
4th14:10HuntEW 2ptsSonoran Sands11/4Won6.6015.64
4th14:20SedgBack 2ptsAnychancedave2.36Lost-2.0013.64
4th15:30LeopBack 2ptsSlieveardagh2.03Won1.9615.60
4th17:10HuntEW 1ptLataradud3/1Won3.7519.35
4th17:20SedgEW 1ptBrother Scott11/2Lost-2.0017.35
5th14:15HereBack 2ptsMedinas2Won1.9019.25
5th14:30LingBack 1ptHinton Admiral2.83Lost-1.0018.25
5th15:00LingBack 1ptThorpe Bay2.79Lost-1.0017.25
5th16:30LingEW 1ptSpinning Ridge15/2Lost-2.0015.25
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