Thursday, 26th April 2018
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Horse Racing Tipster  R Vaughan Results
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The results are complete and accurate and are updated every day. The first page displays a monthly summary for the current year. Click on the month to see a breakdown of each bet placed by the Tipster. For previous years, click on the year to see a summary of the months for that year. You can then click on each month for that year to see each individual tip placed by the Tipster.

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Date Bets Strike Rate (%) Profit (pts) ROI (%)
December 201119727.92-45.88-18.42
November 201123527.66-39.79-13.49
October 201114326.57-29.11-17.02
September 201116731.1418.328.76
August 201125929.731.230.38
July 201119020.00-70.01-31.39
June 201110335.9234.9327.29
May 201115834.8115.278.58
April 201110318.45-53.05-45.34
March 201114127.66-39.51-23.80
February 201112025.83-17.37-13.57
January 201115724.843.051.62

Profit Explanation