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Horse Racing Tipster  R Vaughan Results
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The results are complete and accurate and are updated every day. The first page displays a monthly summary for the current year. Click on the month to see a breakdown of each bet placed by the Tipster. For previous years, click on the year to see a summary of the months for that year. You can then click on each month for that year to see each individual tip placed by the Tipster.

August 2011 Recommended Stakes Results (View level stakesUp

Date Time Course Bet Horse Odds Res Profit Total
6th16:05RedcBack 1ptAbidhabidubai3.6Won2.47-6.02
6th16:20NewmEW 1ptMonopolize4/1Place-0.20-6.22
6th17:30KilbEW 1ptSubstitute7/1Lost-2.00-8.22
6th18:00KilbEW 1ptCinderella Story4/1Lost-2.00-10.22
6th19:30KilbBack 2ptsTraffic Article3Lost-2.00-12.22
6th20:20LingBack 1ptSally Friday2.04Lost-1.00-13.22
7th14:20DownEW 2ptsNodelay15/8Won4.50-8.72
7th15:35CurrEW 1ptTeolane7/1Lost-2.00-10.72
7th15:50DownEW 1ptBandra Bullet3/1Place-0.40-11.12
8th15:00LingEW 1ptCarlton Scroop7/2Lost-2.00-13.12
8th16:30LingEW 1ptBrinmore11/2Lost-2.00-15.12
8th16:45WolvEW 1ptDew Reward5/1Lost-2.00-17.12
8th18:20BallEW 2ptsJouster9/4Place-1.10-18.22
8th19:20BallEW 2ptsEsporao7/2Place-0.60-18.82
8th19:50BallBack 1ptPsycho2.76Lost-1.00-19.82
8th20:50BallEW 1ptCraigs Dream4/1Lost-2.00-21.82
10th14:20YarmEW 2ptsMrs Greeley11/8Won3.44-18.38
10th17:05GowpEW 1ptQatars Pearl7/1Lost-2.00-20.38
10th18:30KempBack 2ptsCharitable Act3.35Won4.46-15.92
10th18:40GowpBack 1ptBible Belt6.54Won5.26-10.65
10th19:20WolvBack 2ptsWhispering Spirit2.87Lost-2.00-12.65
10th20:10GowpEW 2ptsLivias Wake10/1Place2.00-10.65
11th14:00SaliBack 1ptMaccabees2.95Lost-1.00-11.65
11th14:30SaliEW 1ptTight Lipped4/1Lost-2.00-13.65
11th17:35LeopBack 1ptLady Wingshot3.11Won2.00-11.65
11th17:40StraEW 1ptSaras Smile4/1Lost-2.00-13.65
11th17:55TramBack 1ptBrave Beauty5.88Lost-1.00-14.65
11th20:35LeopBack 1ptJolie Jioconde2.15Lost-1.00-15.65
12th17:10TramBack 1ptBenefit Of Porter2.71Won1.62-14.02
12th17:45TramEW 1ptMojita7/4Place-0.65-14.67
12th18:45KempEW 1ptGobooll15/8Won2.25-12.42
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