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Horse Racing Tipster  R Vaughan Results
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The results are complete and accurate and are updated every day. The first page displays a monthly summary for the current year. Click on the month to see a breakdown of each bet placed by the Tipster. For previous years, click on the year to see a summary of the months for that year. You can then click on each month for that year to see each individual tip placed by the Tipster.

August 2011 Recommended Stakes Results (View level stakesUp

Date Time Course Bet Horse Odds Res Profit Total
28th15:20GoodEW 1ptDoncaster Rover3/1Lost-2.0011.55
28th15:20GoodBack 1ptDoncaster Rover4.2Lost-1.0010.55
28th16:00GalBack 2ptsYour Busy5.96Won9.4219.98
28th16:25CurrEW 1ptFire Lily8/1Place0.6020.58
28th16:25CurrEW 2ptsLa Collina3/1Place-0.8019.78
28th16:30GoodEW 1ptZamina7/4Won2.1921.97
29th14:00EpsmEW 1ptGunner Will9/4Lost-2.0019.97
29th14:15NewcEW 1ptChoisan10/1Place1.0020.97
29th14:25RipoEW 2ptsKoalition13/8Lost-4.0016.97
29th14:35DownBack 1ptEsporao2.56Won1.4818.45
29th14:50NewcBack 2ptsThe Osteopath2.91Lost-2.0016.45
29th15:00RipoEW 2ptsQuadrant3/2Place-1.4015.05
29th15:45HuntEW 1ptThe Foxs Decree11/2Place0.1015.15
29th15:55WarwEW 1ptEndowing7/2Lost-2.0013.15
29th15:55WarwBack 1ptEndowing5.7Lost-1.0012.15
29th16:15DownBack 2ptsThe Grey Express2.25Lost-2.0010.15
29th16:20GalBack 1ptRequisition8.64Won7.2617.41
29th16:50DownBack 2ptsMighty Snazy3.05Lost-2.0015.41
29th17:45BangEW 1ptTrackmate6/1Place0.2015.61
29th18:35GalBack 2ptsSteps To Freedom4.44Lost-2.0013.61
30th14:00RipoEW 1ptEn Fuego4/1Lost-2.0011.61
30th15:25GoodEW 1ptAlways The Lady3/1Lost-2.009.61
30th16:40SthlEW 1ptScrooby Doo3/1Place-0.409.21
30th16:40SthlBack 1ptScrooby Doo4.4Lost-1.008.21
30th17:40SthlEW 1ptBurj Hatta9/4Place-0.557.66
31st16:50FolkEW 1ptWhispered10/3Place-0.337.33
31st17:05CarlEW 1ptGlamorous Angel7/1Place0.407.73
31st17:10HereEW 1ptTruckers Benefit5/2Place-0.507.23
31st18:50KempEW 1ptLa Bocca4/1Lost-2.005.23
31st19:20KempEW 2ptsJumeira Field5/1Lost-4.001.23
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