Monday, 26th June 2017
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Saturday 24th Results
Saturday 24th Results: 11 Tips
15:40AscoBack 5ptsWings of Desire8.08Lost-5.00
15:40AscoPlace 5ptsWings of Desire2.56Lost-5.00
15:50RedcBack 5ptsSophisticated Heir9.76Lost-5.00
15:50RedcPlace 5ptsSophisticated Heir3.1Lost-5.00
16:10AyrBack 10ptsQueen Kindly3.05Lost-10.00
16:20AscoPlace 10ptsLimato1.68Place6.46
16:20AscoBack 10ptsLimato3.3Lost-10.00
16:30RedcBack 10ptsSubjective3.36Lost-10.00
17:35AscoBack 5ptsUs Army Ranger5.2Lost-5.00
17:35AscoPlace 5ptsUs Army Ranger2.02Place4.84
20:20LingBack 10ptsDealers Choice1.78Won7.41
Total: -36.28

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