Thursday, 26th April 2018
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by Seriouspro @ 03:02 on Monday, April 2nd, 2018
Oops! is a weird word just by looking at it, but i squeaked that word many times when i was a kid. Falling over giant bags full of horse racing newspapers such as the Weekender left by my father. 

As i became older and turned into an adult, that word Oops! had a very different reason. After learning from my father at an early age, i was confident taking my first steps into the betting industry, until falling flat on my face again, again and again.

21 years of my life has past and i find myself on the cusp of a strategy/formula that is peculiar or unique if i may say. Subsequently after a year of tweaking, recording and a little help from my wonderful father i put my masterpiece so to speak into practice and it worked wonders.

Constructing a living or comfortable wage was the next task in which i was able to develop a staking plan in order to fulfil my destiny. Everything was going smoothly and i was happy as Larry after a full year of betting. Suddenly i receive the dreaded email that successful bettors get, "Sorry your account has been limited" or something along those lines. This really upset me.

This is where Tip Exchange comes in, this site gives me the perfect opportunity to sell my tips to you so you can beat the bookies and make them squeak Oops!.

Thank you for reading my blog, good luck out there.