Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Horse Racing Tipster Horse Racing Tipsters
Tip Exchange has 8039 Horse Racing Tipsters. So which should you add to your portfolio?
Well fear not. We record every tip entered by each Tipster, check its result, calculate the profits and tabulate the results. Every day we create five tables, described below, to help you search for Tipsters to add to your portfolio.

Elite Tipster Elite League
Tip Exchange's very own premier league of Tipsters. Only those Tipsters that meet our strict criteria can qualify for the Elite League. This is the first place any serious Punter should be looking when expanding their portfolio.

Custom Tables Custom Tables
The custom table allows you to create your own league tables based on the criteria that you feel is important.

Award Winners Award Winners
Successful Tipsters win awards when performing well over weekly and monthly periods. We have assigned points ratings to each award and have tabulated the results.

Best Free Tips Best Free Tips
We have made it even easier to find and add free tips to your portfolio. The Free Tipsters League is just like the Custom tables but only includes Tipsters that are either free or are offering a free trial.

Tipster Ratings Tipster Ratings
Why not check out the Tipster Ratings table and see which Tipster has been given the highest ratings by their subscribers.

Current Best Investment
Current Best Investment Otc Gambles
45.94% return on investment at recommended stakes.

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Tipster of the Month
Tipster of the Month Golden Maximum Bets
515.43 profit to 10 level stakes.

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Tipster of the Week
Tipster of the Week Fiona Ensor
511.87 profit to 10 level stakes.

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Yesterdays Best Bet
Yesterdays best bet Blueintheface
Placed Its Never Enough at 12 in the 16:15 at Carl.

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Yesterdays Best Lay
Yesterdays best bet powerplace
Laid Redrosezorro at 3 in the 17:45 at Carl.

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