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Welcome to More Or Less We Are The Best.

A sound knowledge of football

Plus study and reseach

 =  Steady profits

You can compare football to the stock market where you have the choice to put 500 on one team or 10 into 50 teams.

As any good stockbroker will tell you, you shouldnt put all your eggs into one basket because Murphys law says the time you put 500 on Man Utd to beat Portsmouth, Portsmouth play out of their skins and produce the draw and finish your bank.Not only that but the risk is for peanuts.However if you are the type who likes their win trebles with an exceptional strike rate then I have have just added a new service just for you under the name Horsetipster where the sole intension is to land the treble or acc.and not look for value, but aim just to collect our bets and aim for 100% stike rate.

Big bets on 1 or 2 teams is gambling here we invest and spread our 500 bet on 50 teams because we know that the large majority will play to form and produce a profit,a steady profit,month in month out.When you are constantley in profit playing with the bookies money producing steady profits can make a steady income and be enjoyable way to earn a living.Its fun to be a pro.The best job ever thats why we say we are investors and not gamblers.


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Punter Rating 1.0By Karl Mulford on February 26th 2010
Careful, the guy is a liar, here is what we got told today, needless to say the tip was very easily beaten "OK I have just been down to William Hill and had a massive bet on JAUNTY JOURNEY at Warwick 4.25. Took his drift out price of 8/1 have been given permission now to tell you all before his price plummets. We are all on-us in the know. Take my expert advice and do the same. You can thank me all if you like by giving excellent reviews cause I have taken the risk of you writing bad reviews so thats my gamble so likewise I should reao the rewards. I trust my life to my contact and I want you to profit from it and not watch it win without a penny on."

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