Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Advertising Opportunities

What does Tip Exchange offer you, the online advertiser?

Very simple, really. Perfectly targetted advertising. And how do we know that it's 'perfectly targetted'?

We don't. But you do. For who knows more about who your customers are and where they are likely to live their Internet lives than you? Or are you happy to let a flash ad agency or a huge global ad network tell you where your customers are? And pay them for the privilege too?

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With Tip Exchange it's us, the web site, and you, the advertiser. No-one else.

And with respected analyst firm Merril Lynch, calculating that the online gambling industry will be generating GBP 270 billion by 2015, where better to promote your website than right here on one of the internets leading betting related sites.

Tip Exchange currently has 11737 registered Tipsters and 4851 registered Punters which generates around 8900.00 page views per day!

We are offering you 3 ways to target these users through our custom built system. You can place your banner anywhere on our site, you can even have exclusive residency on our home page. Secondly we offer opportunites in our monthly newsletter or thirdly you can have a text ad on every page using our sponsored links panel. The current minimum bid per click is just 26p.

With Tip Exchange you know exactly where your advert is; you can see it. It is not out there, somewhere, lost in the wilds of cyber-space. It's there - where you want it to be - on a betting related site where you know your customers are.

That's it. It's that simple.

Welcome to a whole new world of betting related, Internet advertising. Welcome to Tip Exchange.

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